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28 07 2021
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  About us

        Man is what he does - acts, views and beliefs, way of thinking. This is true also for the Rotoprint Company. Therefore we have created rules which we follow irreversibly. We have a policy concerned with our relations with customers, suppliers and employees. A policy which clearly determines our place on the market. We believe that our policy defines the company we are and so we strive to follow this policy unconditionally.

        "The first rule of business is do to others what you want them to do to you."  Charles Dickens

       "I don’t deal with people I don’t trust."   Warren Buffet

        Rotoprint is an honest, law-abiding company which stands up for its good name. We are always grateful to those that have done us good. We take care of our well performing employees. We respect our rivals, whether big or small. We cooperate will all honest colleagues and competitors towards a better market. We are honest to our customers and suppliers alike. We are ready to help our competitors and we expect them to do so as well. Last but not least, Rotoprint respects the status quo of agents.

       "Friendship based on business is better than business based on friendship." John D. Rockefeller

      We don’t divide our customers into small, medium-sized and big. We fight for our good customers and we compromise for them within acceptable limits. We want to be adequate partners in a correct and honest relationship.

      "Price is what you pay, value is what you get."  Warren Buffet

     We are thoroughgoing in respect of safety measures, product quality and the materials used and this does not allow us to offer the lowest market prices, however we dare say that we have found the golden price to quality ratio. Using consumables of lower quality towards a higher profit is unacceptable for us. But we do believe in the timely and fair pay for work done. We strive to have ROTPRINT products improving their image and protecting the good name of our customers.