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28 07 2021
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  Short dictionary

                         • Offer
          Every label has its own individual combination of number of colors, printing mode, materials, time-limits for making tools, finishing works., etc. Therefore offers are uniquely tailored to customer’s requirements.

                         • Sample label
         Rotoprint Company prints specified number of labels at customer’s order. For that reason we do not have a catalogue of all labels we have printed. We are able to send you samples of labels we have printed for our customers.

                         • How is the price formed
         The first price-forming element is the number of labels – higher quantity to lower price. The adjustment time for each type of label and the materials used in the adjustment do not depend on the number of labels ordered. These adjustments are the same for small and large quantities. The number of colors to be printed also matters. The number of colors you have chosen requires making the same number of polymeric printing blocks or plates. The shape of the label matters a great deal – instruments are ordered according to it. Price is also determined by whether hot printing will be used. Last but not least, it depends on the type of label material. Using effective paper or special materials make labels much more expensive.

                         • Reprinting
          For repeated order of the same label you do not need to pay again for plates and dies but only for the materials and labor used.

                         • Design of files
          You have to send us the final work files, possibly accompanied by color samples. In case of inaccuracies, we will duly inform you.

                         • Order
         Please send formal order by fax or e-mail. You can send us the design of your ordered labels to Following your confirmation of the design we will confirm your order and proceed with its implementation.

                         • Confirmation and printing time limits
          As we have mentioned earlier, the time limits for printing your labels are depended by many factors related to label design and appearance, which are strictly individual. Also, a label printed for the first time requires much more time than a label printed again with no changes, which has been streamlined.

          You can expect to have confirmation of your order within two working days from its placing with us. If necessary, we can reply on the day of order registration with us. Performance time limits start to count from the day of final specification of the design, submission of color sample, signing a contract. In case your project requires special materials which are not available in Bulgaria, performance time limits may be extended.

                         • Delivery
          Rotopint can, at customer’s request, deliver labels to an address specified by you or organize transportation of labels by rail, bus, courier service, etc. Relevant expenses, including transportation costs, shall be paid additionally by the customer if no further agreement is made.

                         • Quality
       High quality depends on many factors – good organization, a lot of know-how, non-compromising with selected materials, continuous contact with customers and last but not least – use of high technology. This is exactly what we were awarded for at Grand Prix Cyrel 2005 and International Grand Prix Cyrel 2006 organized by dupont

         Rotoprint is certified according to international standard for quality EN ISO 9001:2000.